Update from the Elders-June 2020

The Elders want to thank the Oakdale Family for their patience and thoughtful suggestions as we try to navigate this current time. Here is a recap of what we have been thinking through or planning:

  • We are ready to move forward with the congregation considering the Elder recommendation of Pastor Tyler as our Senior Pastor. Please watch for dates for a Q & A session and a summer congregational meeting.
  • We are continually looking for options that allow more and more of the church family to return to worship. That will include some upcoming outdoor Sunday services. This will give everyone a safe option to worship including staying in your car and tuning in to the service on your car radio.
  • Starting this fall we are planning an updated format for meeting in the building that allows care, safety, and consideration for all who choose to join us.
  • Last, and most important, we miss you all and long for the fellowship we all enjoyed. It is not an accident that we crave church family fellowship – God created all believers to long for that in our lives. The Elders would like you to read Acts 2:37-47 and consider how, in this current age, you and your family can take advantage of:
    • Teaching – truth from God’s Word
    • Fellowship – Creative connection with other believers in this current environment
    • Worship – True, deep, meaningful worship of the God that with a word created everything
    • Evangelism – Now more than ever we need the Church to be the Church and to share the Hope that is in us with a dying, confused, fearful world

The Elders